Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Vad kul att äntligen få se lite mer av dina alster Anki. Jag har en väninna (Valentina) som hållit på med detta väldigt länge, skall kolla om hon fotat sina kort eller lagt upp dem på ngn sida.
Förresten, jag förväntar mig ett tjusigt kort den 11:e maj.....
Ser fram emot fler inlägg!


Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Some of my cards......

Tried to scan them, but that did not turn at well at all, so I tried to capture them with my camera instead...... Not that great pictures, but....

Here's some of the first ones that I painted with my new SU markers - that I got from Elizabet in Chicago:

Used the SU markers and my aquarell brushes.......

My first blog

Well - so this is something new and of course it's fun to try new things - right? :-)
I will write my blog in English, just to make sure that my friends all over the world will be able to understand. Swedish is not a global language yet......hihi.....

Who am I? Well - I live in a very small village approx. 1 hour north of Gothenburg. I moved here after a few years abroad - working in Zürich. I met my husband Petar after relocation back to Sweden and actuall - he decided to move from Gothenburg to Frändefors! Wow!
We have a son that is turning two this summer. He is just adorable! We love him to bits.

The reason why I decided to start this blog is to be able to share my new favourite hobby - cardmaking. I started last fall and I think it is soo much fun. Our son Isac loves it as well - he want to stamp and paint everytime he see my material - so I hope that I have triggered his creative side.

I think cardmaking is just a great way for everyone to become explore their creative side. There is something for everyone. We also have a great shop in Vänersborg - called Pysselakuten. Liza the owner is just a true inspiration for everyone and I think she has been able to make the whole community scrap-addicts ;-)

Well - I hope you will enjoy this blog and also comment on my cards. It is always nice to hear what other people think - like/dislike, tips etc.

Looking fwd to hear from old friends and new friends.