Thursday, July 17, 2008

Busy with orders

Hej again! Well - if you wonder where I've been - well I can only say - I have been busy with work, preparing for our son's b'day (he turned 2 July 15th - amazing how fast time passes.....) and then all the fun orders that I have received lately. So - here they are - hope you'll like them.
And while I am waiting for my shipment to arrive from Elizabeth - SU demonstrator - I can only say - hope you all are having a great vacation and I'll be back soon.
Looking fwd to hear your comments.
Sunny regards,
A card made just for fun - no one special in mind.... Stamp from hänglar och stänglar. Text stamp from Stampin Up.
A Happy B'day card as a special order from one of my colleagues. The camper is drawn by me, but the stamp is from hänglar och stänglar.
Wedding cards (special orders for people I do not know) (Får = Sheep in Swedish, but I thought it was funny, since it is sounds like the English For. Stamp from Funky Kits)

Cards for people turning 40 (orders for people I do not know), 35 (my friends Lars & Linda who are married) and 13 (my neighbours son Robin)! Stamps from hänglar och stänglar. Guitarr, fire fighter helmet, saw, hammer, dog, rabbit, nails, book, wine and water glass, tooth implant are no stamps, but drawn by me.