Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A quick project

This week is running very fast and I have not been able to create as much as I would like to. I am also preparing my first "cardmaking" class for Saturday. I am invited to one of my neighbours and are preparing some projects for her friends - since they are rather new to this. It will be a lot of fun and I hope they will enjoy what I am about to show them. I mean - I have not been doing this myself for that long - I think it is a year now in October. Time flies...

Anyway - here is a very fast altered gift paper bag that I have made for my neighbour.

DP from SUs fall/winter collection. Text stamp from SU. Sugar Nellie "Picking Apples" stamp coloured with SU markers on aquarell paper. This time - not using any stickles ;-))) Highlighted with white gel pen. Shade around the girl is made with Sahara Sand marker from SU. Ribbon and pearl from stash. Wanted it to be a rather "clean" bag if you know what I mean and to bring out those fall colours. It's really dark this time of year here in Sweden - so the light is not the best on this pic.
Well - hope you'll like it.

PS. I have sent in my 3 projects to the DT Call. It was really hard to choose some, but I decided to pick 3 "oldies" that showed my style - i.e I like to draw - if the stamp is not available - soft colours and warm colours. Well - that's all I am going to say. Please continue to keep your fingers crossed for me.

Challenge from Ulwa

Well - I got challenged to answer some questions from Ulwa and of course I should take her up on this.
The challenge was in Swedish - but I have translated it for you as well. So this is also an interactive Swedish lesson ;-))

1. Vilken mat äter du ofta?/What kind of food do you eat often? Well - my answer to that one would be chicken in all 1000 ways you can prepare. Note - I only eat the breast - nothing else - little bit picky there......

2. När du är på kalas är du den personen som sitter eller hjälper till att duka av? When you are at a party - are you the one relaxing or do you help to clean the table? Well - it depends where I am. Most of the time I assist with anything that might be of help, but somtimes the host/hostess insist on me relaxing so....

3. Var sitter du helst när du bloggar? Where do you it when you blog? Well - in front of our stationary computer in our TV-room.

4. Köper du ofta Triss? Do you often by Triss (this is a Swedish lottery-ticket). No - maybe once a month or so.

5. Vilket land har din bästa semester varit i? In what country did you spend your best vacation? Well - that's a hard decision. I have enjoyed my vacations in US, Australia, New Zeeland, UK and of course Greece - just to mention some of the countries. It's really har to pick though.
New Zeeland was amazing of course! I would love to come back sometime.

6. Vilken tv kanal tittar du mest på? What TV-channel do you watch the most/prefer? Anything that I can creat cards in front of, i.e not really any soap-opera would do (then you do not need to follow thet story ;-). But if I do watch - then I like drama or British crime series on both Swedish television as on the other commercial channels.

7. Vilket är ditt favoritvin? Which wine is your favourite one? Well - I prefer red wine, but there are so many nice ones out there. Penfolds Rawson's Retreat is one of the wines we served at our wedding and that was really nice.

Kram - Anki

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I am going to bed with a big smile on my face

since I made it to round 2 in the DT call for Silly Monkey Crafts!!! So I guess I will have to tell my boss that I can't work next week, since I need to prepare new creations for round 2 :-)))

Well - keep your fingers crossed for me. Here's my entry for the first part. I am up against some very talented ladies - check out my "competition" at Silly Monkey Crafts blog.

Good luck to everyone! It is so much fun and I am so happy already - just making it to round 2.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

For Rebecka

My niece is turning 12 end of September and we are going to her b'day party tonight. So of course I needed to make a card for her. So what could be more perfect than to use the new DPs that arrived from Stampin Up yesterday and the new ribbons.
The stamp is from Funkykits the Sweet Art Ebony stamps - made by the illustrator ElisabethBell
Colored with my SU markers, highlighted with stickles and a white gel pen.
The sketch I used is the one from this Friday Sketchers challenge:
I moved it around somewhat - moved the ribbon to the top etc. Using a Swedish saying - Slå två flugor i en smäll (don't know the English version of it,but if i translate directly it would say: Kill two flies in one go ;-)

Hope you are having a great Saturday! Also - I am so excited about all the people around the world that are participating in my blog candy! I am trying to be able to visit all of your blogs, but is is just amazing - the mailbox get's full every day from you all very kind blog-friends all over the glob. Thank you sooo much! It is so much fun and I am not only soon celebrating 1000s hits - I am moving fast towards 2000!!!

Kram from one happy Anki

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Choc Chip Cookies

that equals food - right? Especially when you - as I have been for the last couple of days - tied up with business cases - working in time for lunch - but of course - coffee and cookie is all that you need to keep you going....

This lovely stamp is from WoJ, coloured with SU markers, highlighted with stickles (cinnamon in her hair and on the choc chip cookies) and white gel pen. Papers from stash, rhinestone and flowers purchased in our local shop - Pysselakuten. Sentiment rub-on from SU.

Well -hope you like it. It is my last minute entry to this weeks Cute Card Thursday challenge.


I am getting very close to 1000 hits!

and I am very excited about that, so that's why I would like to offer some Blog candy.
The stamps that I will offer is to choose 2 brand new stamps of the new hänglar & stänglar set, since I know that many of you are not able to get your hands on them.

Please have a look at this web-site and let me know your 2 favourites + why you like cardmaking so much. You find the new stamps under "Styckeförsäljning", "KP Höst och Vinter 2008".

Post this blog candy on your blog and link to your comment so that I easily will find you.
Then I will pick a winner next Saturday.
Hope this is to you're liking.

PS. I am working on some more new cards, but this week has been crazy at work - so not much time left for crafting....

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Passing on the award

that I got earlier from the sweet Marlene

I would love to give it to so many of you, but I decided to keep this one within Scandinavia ;-)

The first one is Heidi in Norway:
The second one is Petra in Sweden:
and the third one is Ann-Sofie in Denmark:

Now I am going to go out and enjoy the sun!



Friday, September 19, 2008

A quick sketch for our son

Isac wanted me to draw him on the beach this morning. So of course I did. Here's the result - a quick rough sketch. It is easy to please a 2 year old...hihi..... No 5 on his shirt is because he loves this number. The price is always 5 when we play and he want me to buy something from him :-)

Today it almost felt like summer was not completly gone. We had 18 degrees, so it was hard to keep the jacket on in the sun.

Have a great Saturday evening,


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Peace on earth - Papertake Weekly

I decided to also enter the Papertake weekly challenge - my first entry on this site.

It is a sketch from Katharina - the lovely founder of WoJ

I have - as always these days - coloured my image on aquarell paper with SU markers.
Stamp is purchased from Inky Antics Rubber Stamps
Highlighted with stickkles, white gel pen and the circle is surrounded with Vintage Christmas Flower soft.
Ribbons and paper from stash.

Now I am off for a walk - can't wait to get some fresh air again after these days in bed.

Ha en härlig helg! Have a great weekend,


Let it snow - Friday Sketchers

Finally I am feeling well again. Luckily the fever and the sore throat went away quickly. I must say that I was so bored having to spend days in bed, but I managed to get up today and finish off some cards for the challenges. It also helped listening to Radio 24 (yes - Swiss radio - need to keep up my Switzer-Dütch from my 2.5 years in Zürich ;-)

Here's the one that I made for this weeks Friday Sketchers

Charlie from WoJ coloured wihe SU markers, highlighted with stickles and white gel pen. Snow flkes and snow made with white flower soft. Instead of having flowers on a thread I attached silver stars with my Crop-A-Dile. Text made with my magnetic stamp set from Making Memories. Paper and floss from stash.

Hope you'll like it.



Special order

I managed to finish a special order - despite the fact that I still have fever...

It is a wedding card for my neighbours. They secretly got married on his mother's deck outside of the summer house. His mother was cleaning the lingonberries that she had picked when suddenly a priest showed up. The whole family - their 2 sons and 1 daughter and his sister with family were speachless.... So it was just as they wanted.

However - his mother asked me to make a special card for them from her - and she wanted a large one.

I did not want to ruin the lovely green paper (purchased in Chicago) with the text Mr and Mrs. The word "Kärlek" means love in Swedish. The heart is drawn by me and I wanted it to look like lingonberries + I covered them in clear mini-glass pearls (hope you can see that).

I made the deck as well, since I decided to make a pop-up card with the hänglar & stänglar stamps The couple is highlighted with some stickles of course - to make it more festive ;-)

The text - a day to remember....from SU (lying on the deck - wanted to make a special slip where she could write her on greeting on)

The couple is coloured with SU markers on aquarell paper. Papers, ribbon, pearls and flowers from stash & from SU.

Hope she will like it!

Now I will go back to bed.....



WoJ Challenge


I got the news from Rach that there's a new challenge coming up - starting September 24th for Wiff of Joy designs.

If you do not have any Whiff of Joy stamps - then you can find them at It is extremly fast service and the stamps are so much fun to work with.



Look what my hubby made for me today

I am not moving very fast today, since I'm home with fever, sore throat and all my muscles are aching.... My hubby found a recipe of Apple & Walnut Muffin (in the local newspaper) this morning and wanted to give it a try (we have got tons of apples from one of our trees this year).

I hope you almost can smell them - just by looking at this picture. They were GREAT!
For those of you that would like to have the recipe - just write me a quick email and I will send it to you.

PS. I will be passing on the award that I received last night - hopefully tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I don't believe it, but I got another award this evening!

Wow - you ladies are too nice to me this evening. I got another award - this time from lovely Marlene! Have you seen her creations? If not - check it out She is amazing!

Well - I will go to bed now and dream about all these nice awards. I think it might be the cure for the cold and fever that I am coming down with.

I will pass this award on to some other talented ladies tomorrow.

Natti, natti and once again - THANK YOU MARLENE!


I've got an award

and I am so happy! Thank you Gry-Heidi (from Norway)

You can not imagine how pleased I was when I read that you had nominated me for this award. Especially tonight when I am not feeling that creative at all (most likely coming down with a cold and fever...brrrrr.....)

Thank you so much!
Well - I got to nominate at least 5 other blogs - how fun:

Even if I know that some of you already have received this award - well I need to nominate you anyway:

1. Marlene - for being such an inspiration and lovely "blog-friend"

2. Rach - for always being so supportive and a true inspiration as well.

3. Cathrine - my youngest sister - a fantastic photographer (studying to become a Vet)

4. Aija in Finland - her colouring is just amazing!

5. Elizabeth in Chicago - for making sure that I always can get my hands on the SU products (since they are not available in Scandinavia yet....)
Thank you ladies for being so supportive and such an inspiration!
The rules:
1. The winner can put the logo on their blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 5 other blogs.
4. Before listing the nominees give a brief reason why you chose them.
5. Put links of those blogs on yours.
6. Leave a message on the blogs you have nominated

Monday, September 15, 2008

My first Sarah Kay stamps have arrived!

Yippie!!! Thank you so much Korin for your friendly service and also for the nice card you sent me with the bible verse! See below: I ordered my first Sarah Kay stamps from and of course I loved them. The Teddy Love one was just perfect for the gift bag that I wanted to do for my friend Jaime's & his wife Marta's little daughter Olivia (born July this year).

I liked the paper so much (purchased during our vacation in Chicago) so I did not want to put too many things on it- just some stickles to highlight the cute little girl and of course her name and b'day.
Hope you'll like it - (of course -as always - I am done when it's dark outside so......)



PS. What's in the gift bag? Well - it is a special handmade silver necklace - done by a local designer in Vänersborg - Tina. It has the Swedish word for hug (kram) + a heart on it. Check her web-site: She can do whatever you want or have on your wish-list!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bless this kitchen

and all who snack here. That's the wording on the b'day card that I made for my husbands sister Elena. We gave her a set of dessert spoons (from a special brand that she is collecting) and she always make nice dinners for us - that's why I thought this wording would fit her.

The same for the Melinda angel taking care of the dishes. Elena & her boyfriend Erik do not have a dishwasher and we never ever get to help them to clean up after the parties (Elena always insist to take care of the dish). Today she did not have a chance - since she had a suprise coming up - she had to leave the party to go and see the movie Mamma Mia - so I got the chance to help her for once... ;-)

Well - this is it for this weekend. Tomorrow it's another day at work....
Hope you have had fun!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

For the girls

Tonight we are going to one of my oldest - well - she is my age - not old at all :-) friends for dinner. They have three girls - Elin, Emma and Erika and I have prepared a gift with a Fiskars trimmer, design papers, cardstock, acrylic block, some stamps - purchased at the scrap event in Gothenburg etc. So my mission is to introduce these young girls into cardmaking - especially since their mom - my friend Lena - told me that they really love to paint and draw. So we'll see what they will think of the gift - I hope that my friend Lena will be hooked as well.....hihi...... For her husband we bring a nice bottle of wine:-)

I also needed to try out my bind-it-all machine that I purchased at the scrap event - so of course it turned out to be three note books for the young laides. I hope they will like them.

I have coloured them with SU markers, highlights with white gel pen and glitter, paper and ribbon from stash, rub-ons from SU and of course the lovely Melinda reading a book from Whiff of Joy. I have tried to get the right colour for each one of them, so that the girls will now which one belong to them. Elin's e is covered with mini-glass pearls. The other e:s are stickers from stash. Pearls from our local shop Pysselakuten.

Well - need to make myself 10 years younger - so off to the shower and the some magic make-up on.

Have a great Saturday everyone!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Playing with the new stamps from Whiff of Joy

The new set of stamps from Whiff of Joy arrived earlier this week and of course I could not wait until I got the chance to play with them ;-) Unfortunately I am working 100% within the car-business during the day, so not much time left during the week for the fun things :-)
Anyway - here are some "quick" cards that I have been able to create during night-shift - when my husband and son are sleeping ;-) before I go to bed (need to have some beauty sleep though)

This time I wanted to make a card for a boy and therefore not too much blings etc + I thought the paper was "funky" enough....and Oakley is so cute all by himself....

I also wanted to make a X-mas card. This one is saying Julpussar till dig = X-mas kisses to you.
I added on glitter + my new mini glass pearls that I bought at the scrap event. You take 3d-glue and then add the pearls. Hope you can see that there are some in hear ribbon and also on the heart. (Close up above)

And finally I wanted to make a card with Melinda hugging heart. Here I thought the paper with all the nice words like love, joy, hope etc would speak for itself. Therefore I only added the Bundle of love sent from above from SU and a ribbon. Here I also used my new mini-glass pearls in Melinda's ribbon.

Well - I hope you like them. Working late at night does not give you the best light when shooting the photos, but hopefully - if you click on them - you can see them a little bit sharper.

All cards are coloured with SU markers. Ribbon and buttons from stash. Paper purchased at the scrap event in Gothenburg and some from stash.

God Natt & dröm sött (Good night & sweet dreams)


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Don't miss this blog candy

at Suzanne's blog
You have the chance to win this lovely kit containing one of the new Whiff of Joy stamps.
By the way - Suzanne wanted to know as well what the favourit movie is and why? Well - mine must be Dirty Dancing - I can see it over and over again and it is such a great movie for those Rainy days. A more recent movie is of course Mamma Mia! Growing up with Abba - being a dark version of Agneta when we performed in front of a small audience........well if you have not seen that movie - go now. You will love it! You will be so happy when you leave the cinema and during the movie - you will feel like singing. And also - who can resist Pierce Brosnan ;-))

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Friday Sketchers - sketch no 18

Tired after two days at the Nordic stamp and scrap event in Gothenburg - well not enough tired apparently:-)) - I needed to try some of my new stuff on the card for the Friday Sketchers - no 18 :-)

Since it is so late - the dark green cardstock almost look black on the photo, but it's green in real life...

Paper purchased yesterday at the scrap event, Ribbons from stash, Charlie from Whiff of Joy - coloured with SU markers and highlighted with white gel pen, snow flakes and snow balls covered some with Flower Soft and with mini-glass pearls (hope you can see it). Text "Se det snöar" (- look it's snowing) put together with my new magnetic stamp from - purchased today at the scrap event (I have been looking for this for ever - but no Swedish store have had them - so Finally!!!

Well -need to go to bed now, but I bought some more things at the event - like a "bind-it-all" - so new projects will soon be released ;-))

Natti, natti

Friday, September 5, 2008

Thank you ladies

You've made my day! Rach & Marlene you are such great new blog-friends and I feel much better now after your kind words. Marlene - of course I can hold a Swedish course on my blog ;-))
Lesson no 1: Sov så gott och ha en bra helg! (Sweet dreams and have a nice weekend)


PS. I promise to let you know how the Nordic stamp and scrap event turned out.

Cute Card Thursday - Pretty in Pink

This was a fun, but difficult challenge from Cute Card Thursday I have a lot of pink papers, but how to combine them so that the card does not look too pale, boring or "flat" - if you know what I mean. Well - here's the result. I am satisfied, but not extatic about it though.. Feels like something is missing. I wanted to find a band-aid - to put on the card as well - but nope - all are gone (I better not injure myself with the Fiskars trimmer...hihi.....)

Stamp from Magnolia , coloured with SU markers and highlighted with white gel pen + glitter. Paper from our local shop - Pysselakuten and some from SU. Ribbon from stash.

Hope you'll like it. Now I am going to take a long nice bath, since I am feeling a little bit frozen (hopefully I am not coming down with a virus.... I do not have the time - tomorrow is the big Nordic stamp and scrap event in Gothenburg - both Saturday and Sunday. Guess who is ready to do some more shopping??!! ;-))

Wish you all a wonderful weekend!


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Got a late order

yesterday evening and the deadline was this afternoon. I did not think I would be able to finish it in time - working full time during the day and arriving home after 16.30 this afternoon. But somehow I did and she was very pleased with how it turned out. I guess criss-cross cards are great in that way - you do not need much to make it look nice.... I did not want it to be too decorated - just to make sure that she had enough space to write her personal birthday greeting.

Paper from SU, text stamps from SU, ribbon and pearls from stash, Sugar Nellie with flower from Funky Kits She is coloured with SU markers and then of course some glitter :-) QK alphabet Eliza.

By the way - you have not forgot to order the Guardian Angel and Willow & Oakley collection by Elisabeth Bell that are available at Whiff of Joy I have already ordered them all, so guess if I am going to look in my mailbox every day from now - waiting for them to arrive....hihi....

Have a nice evening everyone,