Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Challenge from Ulwa

Well - I got challenged to answer some questions from Ulwa and of course I should take her up on this.
The challenge was in Swedish - but I have translated it for you as well. So this is also an interactive Swedish lesson ;-))

1. Vilken mat äter du ofta?/What kind of food do you eat often? Well - my answer to that one would be chicken in all 1000 ways you can prepare. Note - I only eat the breast - nothing else - little bit picky there......

2. När du är på kalas är du den personen som sitter eller hjälper till att duka av? When you are at a party - are you the one relaxing or do you help to clean the table? Well - it depends where I am. Most of the time I assist with anything that might be of help, but somtimes the host/hostess insist on me relaxing so....

3. Var sitter du helst när du bloggar? Where do you it when you blog? Well - in front of our stationary computer in our TV-room.

4. Köper du ofta Triss? Do you often by Triss (this is a Swedish lottery-ticket). No - maybe once a month or so.

5. Vilket land har din bästa semester varit i? In what country did you spend your best vacation? Well - that's a hard decision. I have enjoyed my vacations in US, Australia, New Zeeland, UK and of course Greece - just to mention some of the countries. It's really har to pick though.
New Zeeland was amazing of course! I would love to come back sometime.

6. Vilken tv kanal tittar du mest på? What TV-channel do you watch the most/prefer? Anything that I can creat cards in front of, i.e not really any soap-opera would do (then you do not need to follow thet story ;-). But if I do watch - then I like drama or British crime series on both Swedish television as on the other commercial channels.

7. Vilket är ditt favoritvin? Which wine is your favourite one? Well - I prefer red wine, but there are so many nice ones out there. Penfolds Rawson's Retreat is one of the wines we served at our wedding and that was really nice.

Kram - Anki

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