Friday, September 19, 2008

A quick sketch for our son

Isac wanted me to draw him on the beach this morning. So of course I did. Here's the result - a quick rough sketch. It is easy to please a 2 year old...hihi..... No 5 on his shirt is because he loves this number. The price is always 5 when we play and he want me to buy something from him :-)

Today it almost felt like summer was not completly gone. We had 18 degrees, so it was hard to keep the jacket on in the sun.

Have a great Saturday evening,



Rach said...

wow Anki this is a fabulous sketch and scene...well done hun...wish that i could draw..I hope that you little boy's mouth is ok today after his fall. Hugs Rachxx

ciiccii said...

Tack för kommentar i min blogg.
Häriga kort du gjort och vilken fin teckning till sonen.

Sandra said...

Hi,what a brilliant sketch you've drawn,no wonder your son liked it,i wish i could draw as good,
Take care
Sandra x

Jessica said...

Oj vad mycket fint det fanns här!
Lägger till på min blogglista och återkommer snarast :-)


. said...

Roligt att se att fler tecknar som jag gör!
Mycket fint du har gjort.Trevligt att få titta in.

Ha,det gott!


Midalina said...

Hoppsan, här fanns det mycket fint! Du är väldigt duktig på att färglägga. Kommer o tittar in om och om igen *s*

petra/paradise said...

Tack för de söta orden inne hos mej! *glad*
Vad fint du ritar!! =D
Må gott å trevlig söndag på dej.
Kram Petra

. said...

Om din förfrågan så lämnar jag in mina bilder till stämpelfirma.
Inressant om din fråga om clearstamps,vet inte vem eller hur man gör dessa,kanske du vet?
Skriv gärna tillbaka om du kan besvara min fråga.

Ha,det gott!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie,

Never mind going on a DT for cards!!.. You should definately forward your drawings to stamp people.. they are sooo fantastic!
love, love little Isac on the beach!

Kram fra Marlene xxx

SammieJay said...

Oh this adorable. What a talent you have. He looks so cute.
Thank you for visiting me and leaving such a sweet comment. I hope you have an enjoyable Sunday evening and am wondering what time the sun will set with you this evening.
The light has nearly gone here now -the sun is just disappearing behind the mountains and we have a beautiful pale pink sky.
Best wishes from Lake Geneva!

Heidi said...

Så hærlig dette ble da -skulle ønske jeg hadde kunnet tegnet slik jeg!

Klem fra

Jeanette said...

I think your drawing is adorable. Very sweet. I had to smile. My youngest is 3 and his favorite number is 4! So I know what you mean! Thank you for your kind comment! Hugs from Canada, Jeanette

Anki said...

Thank you all for your sweet comments on my sketch for Isac.
Kram - Anki

Lim said...

Wow Anki, this sketch is soo cool. I love this scene. You can make a card from this. Could be so original.
I love it!