Thursday, May 22, 2008

Not been able to create anything in over a week....

Well - last weekend we thought summer was here and everything was really great!
My cousin Niklas was here with his wife for a short visit. We had a BBQ for lunch and it was really a lovely Saturday. What we did not know was that Petar and I had caught a stomach disorder from another party we attended that week.
Sunday was as beautiful until.......yes, you can guess what...
So - finally - I am no longer "hugging" the bucket. The only thing that was amazing is that Isac did not get sick - really something to be grateful about.
Well - after a week in bed - doing nothing - you can only imagine how much I was looking fwd to get started again.
I have now also started to figure out what stamps that I do not see on the market - stamps that I myself miss. We'll see if I can get enough self-confidence and go ahead and maybe produce a few - only for myself...... Until then - we'll then I guess I have to stick to the stamps from hänglarochstänglar - that I think is really cute, but sometimes you do not want "cute" - if you understand what I mean......
Well - here are a few new cards, a small purse that I made for my neighbours daughter (turning 18 tomorrow). I also made a card for their son - but here I had to draw myself, since I could not find a stamp with a BBQ on ;-)
Hope you'll like them.... If you feel like it - let me know what you would like to see on this blog..... Lot's of love - Anki

PS. Fika means = go for a coffee, Student = The Swedish Graduation - coming up early June

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Some photos from our trip to Chicago.

Isac was incredible! He was a real angel the whole flight from Sweden to Chicago.
He also knew what to say when he saw Mya for the first time: Darling:-)

And Mya had a train that he just loved - so here they are - Isac and Mya:

We had so much fun visiting Barrie, Stephen and Mya. Lot's of shopping, Lincoln Park & Zoo, Hockey and the list goes on......

We also saw some very beautiful butterflies and flowers! I must share them with you!