Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sweet card from Holland and Photo Challenge

No cards to show you today, but a lovely card that I received from the very sweet Renata.
She's made this card and sent to me together with tons of fun images. She included a very cute stamp-set from Holland. I love it! Hope to be able to play with them soon. Thank you so much dear and I will do some serious stamping for you tomorrow night when I'm home from another busy week at work.

I also received this Photo Challenge from Lim and Renata:

* Open the folder "my pictures".
* In the 6th folder, take the 6th picture and post it on your blog.
* Write something about the picture.
* Challenge 6 new people to join this challenge.
Well - here's my photo - a cute one of Isac on his first b'day - turning 1 in July 2007. Wow - time flies. Isn't he cute - chewing on his book? The little piano is a toy that we bought when we visited friends in Zürich - Isac's first trip abroad (he was only 10 months old when we went on a car trip to my second home - Zürich - and then to my cousin with family in Vienna)

Well - I pass this challenge on to:
1. Rach
2. Bev
3. Aija
5. Cathrine (my youngest sister)
6. Caz

Well - now I need to attend to the poor little sick men that I have here in the house.

Kram - Anki

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy B'day Johannes!

Here's just a very quick post from me today - and almost too late, since it's 23.15 here now.
But I needed to post this b'day card for my Godson Johannes (my cousin's son) who is celebrating his birthday today! So this one is for you my little one: Ja må han leva! Ja må han leva! Ja må han leva uti hundrade år!.....We are thinking of you and sending tons of warm hugs to you in Vienna!
I am not sure if I told you - but Isac got a "pink eye" last week when we picked him up from the daycare. He asked me: Mom - who has made this to my eyes and I tried to explain how the virus jumped from one of the teachers to his eyes and he replied: Aha...I see ;-)

Well - his eyes were OK again this Monday, but we decided to keep him at home for a couple of more days - just to make sure that he did not pass it on to anyone else. Well - then my husband got the "pink eye" yesterday.....sigh..... And as a grand finale - Isac got high fever today...... So I better go and take care of him now - he is dreaming a lot and talking in his sleep. I guess I will be the next virus victim in the family - but I keep on praying that I'm not....
Kram - Anki

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Try it out Tuesday - Gift box with "Apelsin Choklad Skorpor"

Good evening ladies!

I tried to get out of the office early today to be home in time to finish this weeks project for TIOT at Susana's Store Blog. Well - of course I did not manage to get home until 19.30 - so what should I do? I really wanted to be able to play with this fun challenge - so just a quick sandwish and off to my craft room ;-)

This week we should make some kind of package or a small gift wrapping, box or bag.
We should aso use any supplies from
Susana's store and a *NEW* Karen Lockhart image.
I need to be honest here right away - my new KL has not yet arrived - so what should I do??! I could not skip this project because of this - right? Instead I decided to use one from the previous collection - the cute little Chintz Butterfly. So it might be that you will see 2 postings from me this week on the same subject ;-)

Have you seen the DPs from the Laura Ashley Contemporary set that Susana carries? I just love them and that's why I used three sheets to make this box: one for the base, the second one for the inside of the box and the third one for the lid.

I added a choc chip ribbon (SU) around the edges of the base + around the middle of the base. Then I cut out the butterfly with my Nesties and added some Coffee Shimmerz around the edges of the circle. I coloured the little butterfly with my copics and added some stickles on the green part and Shimmerz on the white wings.

First I thought of adding something for the bath to go inside of the box, but could not find
anything that would fit. So instead I decided to give away "Apelsin Choklad Skorpor". What's that you say? Well - it's Orange Chocolate Rusk in Swedish. Wish I could send you all some to try for your coffee or tea.

I hope that you will play along with us and if you do - please upload your project on SCS or PCP with the key word "TIOT3".

Also don't forget the Lockhart Promo that Susana is having.
Kram och dröm sött" / Hug and sweet dreams
PS. Oops - I realized that I forgot to take a picture of the inside of the box - I will do that tomorrow and add to this posting.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gift bag - DT RoP

Hope your weekend has been great so far. The only bad thing is that it pass way to fast - right? ;-) Sigh....last week was crazy at work and I can tell you - I wish I could be home for a few more days, but life is life.....

I am glad that I at least had some time to alter this gift bag for a friend of mine. Her b'day is coming up soon and she works as a nurse - so what better image could I use than the Nurse Anya from the Greeting Farm collection. I coloured here in with my aquarelle chalks.

The paper is from the Bittersweet Paper Pad set - to be honest - it's really hard to cut that paper - just love it! I also had to try one of the new Bittersweet Glazed Brads - they are also like real jewellery. Ribbon from SU as well as the text stamp.

I can't tell you what's inside - since she might be reading this, but I do hope she will be pleased.

Well - better run downstairs now. Isac and Petar are making Apple Muffins - so I only need to prepare the coffee ;-)
Kramisar and hope that I will get more time next week to create some cards and visit your blogs!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Try it out Tuesday - Fantasy DP

Hello ladies!

I am a little bit late with the posting this Tuesday, because I was waiting for this lovely DP to arrive so that I could use it for this weeks challenge . I was lucky - it arrived in my mailbox yesterday together with some other yummy things that I had ordered from Susana.

This weeks challenge is to use any stamp from Susana's store, any Dovecraft/Laura Ashley Paper on our card with only two other embellishments. Extra credits if we would use Shimmerz (luckily I had ordered some - need to try new things - right?? ;-)The DP should be at the center stage and only 2 embellishments! Can you imagine how hard this was ;-)) Normally you put the image in the center..... Well it really helped using this lovely DP from Dovecraft - called Fantasy together with the "Riding the Breeze" stamp.

I wanted it to look like that she was in the land of dreams - since the DP fairy was white and all the swirls on the DP. I also decided to have a go with new copics. So hard it is to change to another way of colouring, but I need to have a go with the copics as well (realized that I need more colours of course and much more practise.... any great tips ladies are greatly appreciated - such as what paper you use and tutorials etc (I normally use my aquarelle paper when I colour with SU markers, but that does not work with the copics so...) As for the embellishments - I picked flowers and Bella Baubles "String of Pearls".

I added some Shimmerz to the wings (blue, pink and angel white)+ to the DP - hope you can tell from this picture (on the flowers, stars, shoes and wings - the fairy on the DP was white otherwise). The flash reflected against the Shimmerz - so it was a little bit difficult to get a good shot of this card this hour (it's pitch black dark here in Sweden).

It's late here so I better go to bed, but if you'd like to play along just upload to PCP or SCS using the keyword "TIOT2"
Natti, natti

Monday, January 19, 2009

Challenge no 4 at RoP

This weeks challenge is hosted by Anki - well that's me then :-)
I have made the following sketch for you ladies and I would like you to use Spring colours on the cards/projects that you make.

I do hope that you will participate in all the fun. For more details - go directly to our Challenge blog. The Challenge will be uploaded during the day (some time difference between Europe and Hawaii :-)) There you also find all the DT cards to hopefullly be inspired from.

The DT card that I made for this weeks challenge is the one below. I must say - it was difficult to actually create a card based on a sketch that you made yourself...hihi....
Well - I do hope you like both the sketch and the card. Card recipe at the end.

Kramisar and hope your week has started well.


Card ingredients:
Stamp: Tilda holding letter from RoP and Daisy
Colours: SU markers and aqua paint brush, white gel pen and stickles for highlight
Cardstock - Blue from SU
DPs - from RoP
Flowers from RoP, spacers from my friend - Marlene, Charms from my DT friend Lim.
Text - from SU

Friday, January 16, 2009

More warming awards

I've received new awards again and thank you so much ladies!
This one I received from sweet Susie:

The rules for this award are as follows:

1. You need to name 5 things you are addicted to.
2. Put the award on your blog and link to the person who gave it to you.
3.Nominate 5 bloggers and leave a comment on their blog.

So here's 5 of my addictions ;-)

1. My hubby and to spend a lot of time playing with our son Isac

2. Cardmaking - of course ;-)

3. Blogging and finding new amazing, friendly and talented blog-friends all over the world.

4. Chocolate and a nice cup of coffee - Latte's are super as well ;-)

5. Finding new things for colouring, or cardmaking - you can't get enough - can you??

I'm passing on this award to the following ladies:

1. Rach - your cards are always stunning and now I need to have you as my Copic Sketch mentor - since I got my first set yesterday ;-)

2. Jodi - one day I will come and knock on your door so that we can chat and make some stunning cards for Summer

3. Judy - will be looking fwd to the day you come and visit us in Sweden.

4. Iris - for being such a great inspiration

5. Renata - for becoming one of my blog-friends from Netherlands

Then I received this one from my dear DT colleage for RoP - Peta.

Thank you sweetie for the flowers. I am passing this along to all my blog-friends - it's always so fun when you leave your mark here.

Now it's coffee time! ;-)

Kram and have a wonderful weekend!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Valentine today? - DT Card for RoP

Good evening ladies!
I hope everyone is doing fine and for those of you that are home with a bad virus (I know that many more than me have been coughing, having a fever and a cold) - rest, relax and drink something hot and pamper yourself with chocolate!

Today it's our Valentine's Day! Yes - we have our own - one month prior to the real one. It's our engagement day today. My hubby brought these stunning warm red roses for me. They are so tall - so I could not take a good picture of them - therefore I am only showing you the close up.
I also managed to finish this DT card for Roses on Paper this evening. I got inspired from the red roses my hubby came with - therefore the Valentine's card ;-) I decided to use Tilda with braid for my image. Then I even got to make the heart with the flower soft wire and flower soft - so you can guess if we have flower soft everywhere in the house now ;-))
Well - need to go to bed now, but you find the Card recipe further down.

Tons of hugs,

Card ingredients:
* Cardstock: Red - SU
* DP - Euphoria Paper pad from RoP
* Bling: Dew drops - Paris from RoP
* Flowers - Flowers and Center kisses from RoP
* Colouring - SU markers, aqua paint brush. Highlights with stickles and white gel pen.
* Sentiment - from SU
* Ribbon from stash and heart from sweet Lim
* Other - Heart - made with flower soft wire, flower soft, scrappers floss.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Try it out Tuesday - Challenge no 1/Jane and her jewellery

We are launching a new challenge called "Try it out Tuesday" at the new Susana's Custom Art and Card Design blog. This first challenge is to create a card or project in black, white, grey and another pop colour of your choice. You should use at least one image from the stamps available at Susana's. You can upload your creations to SCS or PCP with the keyword "TIOT1"

Here's my DT card for this very first challenge. I decided to go with Jane from the Rubber Romance selection + the Happy Words stamp from Susana's own collection stamped in silver.
Please read further down for all the card ingredients.

Looking fwd to see what you ladies will come up with for our first challenge. So don't hesitate - pop over to the Susana's blog or PCP and participate in all the fun.


Card ingredients:
* Cardstock: Black - from our local shop Pysselakuten
* DPs: Silver Chandalier from and Formal Affair/English Ivy from - both purchased in our local shop Pysselakuten.
* Colours: Jane is coloured with my Dekorima aquarelle colours. Highlights with white gel pen, silver stickle and pink stickle for her lipstick.
* Bling: Sliver Rhinestones as her jewellery from purchased at Pysselakuten.
* Other: Flowers made out of cardstock and DP with my flower punch. Spacers received from sweet Marlene to add additional "bling effect" on the flowers.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy News + Award

Ladies - last evening I received an email from Susana - the lovely owner of Susana's Custom Art and Card Design. As you know - I have been a guest DT for her, but now she has asked me if I would like to be a full time designer for her and my answer...... YES - of course ;-)

She is so kind and if you have not experienced her perfect customer service - then visit her shop and get to know her more. Amazing - that's the word that I would use to summarize Susana's person.

I also got another sweet award. Thank you so much Jodi.

Here are the rules:
Post a link of the person who gave you this award. Nominate 5 other people and give a link to their sites. Let your nominators know that they got an award from you. Put a logo of the award on your blog. As always - there are so many that I would like to pass this on to, but here it goes:

1. Marlene
2. Bev
3. Kathy
4. Jeanette
5. Gill

Now I need to prepare lunch and get ready for dancing with Santa at 15.00 ;-)

Kram - Anki

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Polka Dot Butterfly

Well I was going to make a card with the Polka Dot Butterfly image from Susana's, but I ended up making a jewellery box instead. Wonder what happened...hihi.....
Well - here it is the lid.I used the SU DP - just because I loved the colour and that it also had some flowers and butterflies on it ;-) I added some lace, dew drops and highlights with stickles and white gel pen. The butterfly charms have I received from the sweet Lim. I hope you'll like it.

The base of the box is made out of blue cardstock. DP for the jewellry is from SU.
I put my earrings that I wore on our wedding in the box - just to show you how it's supposed to be used. The earrings are from a Swedish Brand called Lavish Design.
Tomorrow we will be dancing around the X-mas tree for the last time. It's an event coming up in our town where families are invited to participate. There will be tons of singing and dancing around the X-mas tree + Santa has promised to arrive in person to tell the kids to be good this year as well so that he will see them on X-mas Eve 2009. He will be handing out some candy too. I do hope that we all be well enough to attend and that we have had our share of virus for some time.

Grattis på födelsedagen!


As you all have noticed - this weeks TIOT is a Try it out Thursday instead - due to our mini-release of the wonderful creations of Elisabeth Bell and Victoria Case for SCACD.

Suzanne wanted us to create a Halloween or Fall card. Well - we don't celebrate Halloween in Sweden (well - some have started to do so - just because the shops want to sell stuff ;-) - so I decided to make a b'day card using Fall colours.

I stamped the adorable Milla using my Memento Tuxedo Black - that I think is the best when you want to colour with your Copics.
Then I went for a rather "clean" layout using my DPs from stach. I also cut two laces with my Martha Stewart punches. Added some Baubles and matching Petaloo Dazzlers.

The sentiment is from Aud Design and it's saying Happy B'day in Swedish.

Wish you all a wonderful day and I am looking fwd to read your comments. Also - don't miss the rest of the DTs creations for you to be inspired by.

Kram Anki

Friday, January 9, 2009

Just waiting for you

is actually the text on one of the new Lockhart stamps available at Susana's.
Have you seen the new one's? If not - then they are waiting for you to have a look at Susana's:-) You will find them under "New Lockharts".

Also - remember that you will get to select a free IB (Itty Bitty) from the selection that's available at that time if you purchase any 4 regular Lockhart Stamps (any combination) from either the New or Previous collection (NOT including Itty Bittys).

You do not need to buy all 4 at once. She has a punch card system and will let you know when you hit the 4 regular Lockharts! So pamper yourself this weekend and check out these new stamps as well of the other yummy stuff available at Susana's.

Also - I will post (I had hoped that I would be able to tonight, but Isac is still not feeling well - so not too much time left for crafting - a card with one of the "previous Lockharts" tomorrow. The stamp that I will be using will be the following one - Polka dot butterfly:

Tons of hugs and TGIF,


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Card for little Linn + another award

My friend asked me if I could make a card for their daughter - who turns 1 in January. Of course I would. I am so honored, since this little card will go all the way to Taiwan. Yes - the cute little Linn lives in Taiwan at the moment, but soon her Mom and Dad will be able to bring her to her new country Sweden.
I have also been inspired by Tammi and Rach to do some more work on the inside of the cards - so here is what it looks like.
The best news is that they got the firm date as of when they all can be together in Taiwan TODAY! Just after Anna's and my lunchbreak together. I almost started to cry at work when Anna dropped me a note telling me the exciting news. I tell you Linn - you will soon learn that you've got the best parents ever!

I also got a lovely award from JaneThank you sweetie! This one I should pass on to 7, hm.....difficult - yes, but here it goes:

1. Summer - for just being you! I am so happy that I've got the opportunity to get to know you.
2. Ulwa - for all the lovely comments and it's so nice to follow you and see how your talents just grow day by day.
3. Rosette - not only for the lovely cards you make but also for your fantastic work!
4. Claudia Rosa - have you seen her Valentine's box? If not - check it out - it's just stunning!
5. Lynda - for always being so sweet, but also for taking her Swedish lessons seriously ;-)
6. Lynn - for making the most stylish and posh cards I've ever seen.
7. Aija - for being such an inspiration all the time. Your cards "rock" my friend!

Well - that's all for tonight! Now I need my beautysleep before going up early and bright tomorrow. One day closer to the weekend though...hihi.....


Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Finally I got some time to play with Tiets lovely sketch over at Sugar Bowl.
It is a really fun sketch and I moved some pieces around - but I hope you can see it anyway. It was also a long time since I used this sweet Sugar Nellie image - I just adore it ;-)
I am also trying to figure out our new scanner and how to scan my cards (I used to take pics of the cards with our camera). The colours really do not show off as in real life - I think it looks so pale vs the original. Any tips or ideas on how to improve the scanning are greatly appreciated.
Card ingredients:

Cardstock and DPs - all from SU
Flowers from stash
Spacer from min underbara vän Marlene (yes - another Swedish lesson for you my friend)
Ribbon - both from SU
Ticket - from the sweet Judy
Stamp - Sugar Nellie - Pickin' Apples
Colours: SU markers, highlights with stickles and white gel pen.

Well - that's all for tonight. I need to go to bed early today. No more holidays. Tomorrow I'm back in reality again - i.e working, working, working.........


Monday, January 5, 2009

RoPs first challenge for 2009

Good evening ladies!

The 3rd challenge is now up and running on RoP. I am a little bit late with this posting, since my batteries are not fully charged yet (due to my terrible cough that I do not seem to be able to get rid off).

The third challenge is set by our own talented Susan . It's a colour change and she picked White, Grape and Evergreen.

I must say Susan - you really made it hard for me...hihi..... Normally not the colours that I use, but I am sure that you ladies will make some stunning cards.

I ended up colouring Edwin with Lantern with my SU markers and aqua brush.
All papers, snowflakes and lace are from stash (the one with green and grape stripes are called Apple stripes - purchased in our local shop Pysselakuten).
Dew Drops from RoP
Sentiment - printed in "grape" on our new computer that Santa came with.

Please remember to use a Magnolia, Whiff of Joy, Rachelle Ann Miller or Sarah Kay stamp to participate. All these brands are available at Summer's shop Roses on Paper.

So what are you waiting for? :-) Head over and link to your entry on our Challenge Blog !
Also - don't forget that the sale at Roses on Paper is still going on! Happy shopping ;-)



Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Lockhart countdown continues + Award

so don't forget to pop over to Danni and Christine's blogs today as it's their turns to share the Karen Lockhart projects. Remember to also pop over to the Paper Craft Planet Fans of Karen Lockhart group to get the chance to win a free KL stamp.

I have also received this lovely award from the sweet Lim. Thank you my friend!The rules are as follows:

* Put the award on your blog
* Link the person you received your award from
* You can give the award to as many people as you want
* Put links of those blogs on yours
* Leave a message on the blogs you have been nominated

So - what could I do? Well - of course I would like to start this new year with giving this award to all of my lovely visitors. It's so nice to read your comments and to be able to visit your blogs. It really means a lot to me - so thank you ladies for being so sweet - from every tiny corner all over the world. This award is for you!



Saturday, January 3, 2009

Lockhart countdown cont...

As I mentioned yesterday - Susana and her DT team is celebrating the new release of Karen Lockharts new stamp collection. Today it's my and Susan's turn to show off a project with Lockhart stamp - so don't forget to chech her site out. This is a long post - so I hope you manage to read it through all - don't want you to miss the fun part in the end :-)

I decided to make a post-it-note-holder/cover. I love making these since they are very much appreciated as a little token when you visit friends. Here's how it looks on the inside:
You need following to make this project:
* Light weight coasters (3 1/2 x 3 1/2)
* DP 2 pieces (4 1/2 x 4 1/2) (mine from SU)
* Cardstock ( 6 3/4 x 3 1/4) (mine from SU)
* Adhesive
* Dew Drops (I chose matching pink from my stash)
* Stamp - mine is the cute Rose Bud Gown from Susana's
* Spellbinders nesties - I just love mine
* Stickles - of course to highligth the project - can't live without them :-)
* Post it notes in matching colours (from stash)
* Ribbon (mine from SU)
* Sentiment (I used one of my rub-ons from SU)
* Metal charm - I chose one of the hearts that I received from the sweet Marlene.

If you would like to see a video tutorial on how to make one of these - please visit the lovely Angie's web-site. She is the one that gave me the inspiration from beginning. She has also man other lovely tutorials.

Well - to go back to the countdown for Lockhart. In addition to what I mentioned for you yesterday (see post below) this is what Susana has in mind for you:

Starting Jan 5th - if you purchase 4 regular Lockhart stamps (not incl. the Itty Bittys (IBs) you will get to select an IB gift available at Susana's. You do not need to purchase all 4 at once - Susana will keep track and inform you when you can choose an IB.

If you decide to purchase all 4 regular stamps at once - then note in your comments or drop Susana an email and she will include the IB of your choice with your order.

Well - that's not all - there will be some Lockhart Web Candy available between Jan 5th - Jan 9th at the PCP Lockhart Fan Club Site (more details on how to win to follow). The prize will be another beautiful NEW Lockhart stamp colored & signed by Karen herself.

So what are you waiting for ladies - pay Susana's shop a visit and make sure that you also leave comments in order to have a chance to win at the PCP Fan Club Site.



Friday, January 2, 2009

Lockhart countdown!

Hej ladies!

Just a short note from me to secure that you don't miss the Lockhart countdown.
Karen Lockhart is releasing her new stamps on Jan 5th at Susana's Custom Art & Card Design.
Susana's DT team are going to honor this stamp release with showing you Lockhart projects between Jan 2nd - Jan 5th.

Susana will also be giving away an Itty Bitty Karen Lockhart stamp each of those days on the Paper Craft Planet site - Fans of Karen Lockhart group to ONE lucky member picked at random!!! So don' forget to stop by the PCP Fans of Karen Lockhart group and leave a comment for a chance to win and get a sneak peeks of Karen's new stamps!

Well - there is more - but that I will tell you more about tomorrow when it's my turn to show
you a Lockhart project - so stay tuned. Meanwhile - pop by Suzanne's blog for her wonderful Karen Lockhart project. I can tell you - I would need one of these myself - coming up with a virus again.....

So until tomorrow - be good girls! ;-)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

A quick posting to wish you all a Happy New Year and all the best for 2009. I am so looking fwd to see what you all will be able to create and to follow your work for an entire new year.

I have not been able to craft much during this X-mas break, but I managed to make this card (a special order from my neighbours). One of their relatives turn 40 on Jan 2nd and he loves music - so I thought Charlie Bond would be useful + the lyrics (in Swedish) to Happy B'day.

I tried our new scanner - that Santa came with. I think it is not really sharp and the colours are a little bit pale, but I hope I will get the hang of it soon ;-)

Wish you all a nice relaxing first day of 2009!



Card ingredients:
Stamp: Charlie Bond from WoJ - WoJ stamps also available at RoP
Papers - from stash
Dew drops from RoP
Flower Punch from our local craft shop Pysselakuten
Lyrics - found on internet
Piano and trumpet images from the internet