Sunday, August 19, 2012


Hej ladies!

Just wanted to show you something that Isac made using his new BIC kids pens. I received several packages of pens (since I'm a Buzzador) for him to play with. He really love to colour - as you already know. These pens and crayons are great. However - he thinks that the coolest ones are the 2-step pens. With these you can colour a base and then using the 2 set of pens colour the next layer - without getting the "wrong" colours - if you know what I mean.

Isac and I made a little tutorial on how the 2-step pens  "Mini Colour & Create" works:

Fist - colour your background - using any of the pens that you see under no 1 above. We chose green for grass.

Then you take the lighter green that you find under no 2 above and colour the leaves and stem.

Picked up the yellow colour for the flower centre.
And then the flower in pink.

As you can see - the colours under no 2 doesn't blend with the green background. Instead it creates a separate layer on top of the green. Isac thought this is superfun.

He also got to test:
* Kid Colour - waterbased ink that is easy to wash off from clothes or hands - if needed:-)
   Recommended for kids over the age of 3
   No PVC
   Vivid colours
    Medium blocked tip

* Evolution pencils in bright colours
   Made of 50 % recycled material
   Super solid tip
   Safe - no splinters
* Plastidecor crayons
   No mess = Clean hands  and clean clothes :-)
   Super solid tip
   Recommended as of the age of 2
   No PVC

Here's the first sketch Isac made using these pens/pencils - An aquarium with a diver, fish and a treasure.

I can really recommend these products (because I also had to try them myself of course *lol*).

Have a wonderful creative week everyone! For those of you that live in Sweden - you find these pens at Clas Ohlson, Panduro Hobby and ICA.

Kram Anki and her son Isac (6 years old)