Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Finally I got some time to play with Tiets lovely sketch over at Sugar Bowl.
It is a really fun sketch and I moved some pieces around - but I hope you can see it anyway. It was also a long time since I used this sweet Sugar Nellie image - I just adore it ;-)
I am also trying to figure out our new scanner and how to scan my cards (I used to take pics of the cards with our camera). The colours really do not show off as in real life - I think it looks so pale vs the original. Any tips or ideas on how to improve the scanning are greatly appreciated.
Card ingredients:

Cardstock and DPs - all from SU
Flowers from stash
Spacer from min underbara vän Marlene (yes - another Swedish lesson for you my friend)
Ribbon - both from SU
Ticket - from the sweet Judy
Stamp - Sugar Nellie - Pickin' Apples
Colours: SU markers, highlights with stickles and white gel pen.

Well - that's all for tonight. I need to go to bed early today. No more holidays. Tomorrow I'm back in reality again - i.e working, working, working.........



Danni said...

What an adorable image! So sweet adn what a great card, great job!

Judy's Crafty Moments said...

Great card Anki. I love the colours you have chosen so deep and rich. The flowers look great , so does the ticket!! Thanks for joining us on our very 1st challenge!!! Enjoy the last few hours of your holiday!! Judy xx

Ulwa said...

Jag börjar känna mig lite tjatig;)
Du gör så väldigt fina kort och det här senaste är fantastiskt!
Funderar på att spendera lite pengar på Stamping up- punchar. De är grymma.
Ha det bra!

Sugar Mama said...

Hi Anki
What a gorgeously sweet card!
Thanks so much for joining the first challenge from The Sugar Bowl!
Happy New Year
Sugar Mama x

Alison said...

Great card i love this image and scrummy disgn papers you've used.

Tammi said...

You colored her beautifully, such a gorgeous card...wonderful job with the challenge Anki!
Tammi xx

Jane said...

Wow such a lovely card, I love the colours and the image is really cute.

Jane :0)

Rach said...

a beautiful card Anki, great colours..I can't help you with the scanner i'm afraid as i don't have one..sorry..hope that someone can help you. hugs rachxx

Susan said...

She's just too adorable! I love the layout and am going to have to go over and take a peek! I love the flowers and how you use the spacers. I'm going to have to try that!

Kathy said...

Beautiful card Anki!! I really like that paper and the colors are so rich and gorgeous!! Love that image and your coloring is amazing! Thanks so much for playing along in the challenge and good luck :)kathy

Susana M said...

Hej Anki,
Seriously that is an adorable, well colored card and love the layout :o)
Hearts and Hugs
Susana M

Lim said...

WOW my friend, this is gorgeous!!!
I love how you colored her. Nice colors and papers. Beautiful...
Well done!

Lilian said...

Gorgeous card! Lovely color combination too. Thank you for joining the Sugar Bowl. Have a great day!

Paradise said...

åååh! Vilket fantastiskt sött kort!! Härliga detaljer och färger! =D
Tusen och åter tusen tack för dina goa ord inne hos mej! *glad*
De värmer nåt enormt i vinterkylan! =)
En riktigt god fortsättning på det nya året önska jag dig!
Kramisar Petra

mar1ene said...

Hej min underbara vän, tack för lektioner .. de är en stor hjälp!
Snart kommer jag att vara flytande på ditt språk *Ü*

I adore your card.. the colours, the image and I think your take on the sketch is fab!

Big hugs,

Marlene xx
P.S. Are there any shows where you are around Autumn time????

L.Nielsen said...

WOW WOW Anki... That card is adorable. I was sitting here trying to figure out what color you used for her pants, I LOVE that color. Then I read you used Stampin up. But I'm still guessing what color! LOL
I see a swedish lesson here, and I'm glad that Marlene is your wonderful friend! HA... =) And I was just at her page as well. Fantastic work she does! =)

About your scanner, I think once you scan the image then you can adjust colors in your photo editing program. That usually works for me when I scan any type of pictures.
ha det bra min van! =) is that right?
Lynda =)

Bev said...

Anki this is just amazing - I love the colours you have used on the image - stunning!

hugs Bev x

Jodi said...

Such a cute card!! I love your coloring! =)

Lynn said...

This is so sweet! I love this image and the warm colors you used!

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