Friday, January 16, 2009

More warming awards

I've received new awards again and thank you so much ladies!
This one I received from sweet Susie:

The rules for this award are as follows:

1. You need to name 5 things you are addicted to.
2. Put the award on your blog and link to the person who gave it to you.
3.Nominate 5 bloggers and leave a comment on their blog.

So here's 5 of my addictions ;-)

1. My hubby and to spend a lot of time playing with our son Isac

2. Cardmaking - of course ;-)

3. Blogging and finding new amazing, friendly and talented blog-friends all over the world.

4. Chocolate and a nice cup of coffee - Latte's are super as well ;-)

5. Finding new things for colouring, or cardmaking - you can't get enough - can you??

I'm passing on this award to the following ladies:

1. Rach - your cards are always stunning and now I need to have you as my Copic Sketch mentor - since I got my first set yesterday ;-)

2. Jodi - one day I will come and knock on your door so that we can chat and make some stunning cards for Summer

3. Judy - will be looking fwd to the day you come and visit us in Sweden.

4. Iris - for being such a great inspiration

5. Renata - for becoming one of my blog-friends from Netherlands

Then I received this one from my dear DT colleage for RoP - Peta.

Thank you sweetie for the flowers. I am passing this along to all my blog-friends - it's always so fun when you leave your mark here.

Now it's coffee time! ;-)

Kram and have a wonderful weekend!



Evelina Wikberg said...

Anki! Gott nytt ar. Tack for de fina kommentarerna pa min blog. Jag har haft problem med min Pc och min laptop men de ar fixade nu, om du undrade varfor jag aldrig svarade. Hur gar det med ritandet? Jag haller pa och gor nagra mera stamplar for sugarnellie. Hade en underbar jul och det var skont att vara hemma med allihopa och se familj och ta det lugnt. Har sa mycket att gora nu nar jag ar efter med allt. Men det fixar sig. Jag hittade nagra hanglar pa Ebay och kopte dem!! Min far ska sanda nagra ocksa...tanker pa att aka till sverige i sommaren...vill ha en sibylla burgare nu...och PIFFI!!! Ha en bra helg. Puss och kram!!

Rosette said...

Lovely Awards Anki... it's always so nice to feel appreciates, isn't it? :) Kram min vän! xx

Lynn said...

Congrats on the great blog award!
Hope your having a wonderful weekend!

Iris said...

Oh Anki thanks a lot for the Award! I'm delighted! :-)) I'll go ahead and post it on my blog later on today!

big hugs

Rach said...

Hiya hun,
so sorry that i havn't popped by before to thank you for thinking of me when passing on your wonderful awards... :(.
(hope you forgive me.)

wish we lived closer as i would love to come over and play with

hugs rachxxx

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