Friday, January 9, 2009

Just waiting for you

is actually the text on one of the new Lockhart stamps available at Susana's.
Have you seen the new one's? If not - then they are waiting for you to have a look at Susana's:-) You will find them under "New Lockharts".

Also - remember that you will get to select a free IB (Itty Bitty) from the selection that's available at that time if you purchase any 4 regular Lockhart Stamps (any combination) from either the New or Previous collection (NOT including Itty Bittys).

You do not need to buy all 4 at once. She has a punch card system and will let you know when you hit the 4 regular Lockharts! So pamper yourself this weekend and check out these new stamps as well of the other yummy stuff available at Susana's.

Also - I will post (I had hoped that I would be able to tonight, but Isac is still not feeling well - so not too much time left for crafting - a card with one of the "previous Lockharts" tomorrow. The stamp that I will be using will be the following one - Polka dot butterfly:

Tons of hugs and TGIF,


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Susan said...

Can't wait to see your polka dot butterfly card! Love that stamp. Hope the little guy feels better. Take care of the both of you.

Hugs to you,