Thursday, May 22, 2008

Not been able to create anything in over a week....

Well - last weekend we thought summer was here and everything was really great!
My cousin Niklas was here with his wife for a short visit. We had a BBQ for lunch and it was really a lovely Saturday. What we did not know was that Petar and I had caught a stomach disorder from another party we attended that week.
Sunday was as beautiful until.......yes, you can guess what...
So - finally - I am no longer "hugging" the bucket. The only thing that was amazing is that Isac did not get sick - really something to be grateful about.
Well - after a week in bed - doing nothing - you can only imagine how much I was looking fwd to get started again.
I have now also started to figure out what stamps that I do not see on the market - stamps that I myself miss. We'll see if I can get enough self-confidence and go ahead and maybe produce a few - only for myself...... Until then - we'll then I guess I have to stick to the stamps from hänglarochstänglar - that I think is really cute, but sometimes you do not want "cute" - if you understand what I mean......
Well - here are a few new cards, a small purse that I made for my neighbours daughter (turning 18 tomorrow). I also made a card for their son - but here I had to draw myself, since I could not find a stamp with a BBQ on ;-)
Hope you'll like them.... If you feel like it - let me know what you would like to see on this blog..... Lot's of love - Anki

PS. Fika means = go for a coffee, Student = The Swedish Graduation - coming up early June


Sandra said...

Tack för kommentaren i min blogg! Vad kul att du oxå bloggar.

Det var jättefina kort här inne. Hit kommer jag gärna igen!

På din fråga om jag fotar eller scannar så gör jag det sistnämda. Är usel på att fota bra! Håller helt med om att färgerna blir annorlunda när man scannar. De blir svagare & ibland ser det ut som om man inte färglagt ansikte och armar, samt att när man skuggar t.ex. vita detaljer eller runt om så syns inte detta.

Kram Sandra

cathrine said...

jättefina kort syrran!

Anki said...

Tack för era snälla kommentarer. Det är ju sååå kul att tillverka kort och man lär sig + förhoppningsvis utvecklar sig för varje dag som går....