Thursday, June 12, 2008

Time flies

Well, time flies when you have tons of things to do. It has been some long working days - both at work + at home. It is not always easy to combine your worklife, family life and your hobby ;-) But luckily there are 24 hours a day...
This week it is the graduation week for many of the students in our area and I have been asked to create some cards after specific orders. I must say - it is so much more fun to have someone special in mind while you create your cards. Especially, since you then need to draw things yourself and not only use stamps.
Well - here are the results of my orders....... Hope you'll like them. Looking fwd to hear your comments.

Lot's of love, Anki
PS. I made it to the beach as well - so I have not spent these couple of warm and beautiful days only indoors. Luckily it does not get dark in Sweden during June :-)

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