Saturday, September 13, 2008

For the girls

Tonight we are going to one of my oldest - well - she is my age - not old at all :-) friends for dinner. They have three girls - Elin, Emma and Erika and I have prepared a gift with a Fiskars trimmer, design papers, cardstock, acrylic block, some stamps - purchased at the scrap event in Gothenburg etc. So my mission is to introduce these young girls into cardmaking - especially since their mom - my friend Lena - told me that they really love to paint and draw. So we'll see what they will think of the gift - I hope that my friend Lena will be hooked as well.....hihi...... For her husband we bring a nice bottle of wine:-)

I also needed to try out my bind-it-all machine that I purchased at the scrap event - so of course it turned out to be three note books for the young laides. I hope they will like them.

I have coloured them with SU markers, highlights with white gel pen and glitter, paper and ribbon from stash, rub-ons from SU and of course the lovely Melinda reading a book from Whiff of Joy. I have tried to get the right colour for each one of them, so that the girls will now which one belong to them. Elin's e is covered with mini-glass pearls. The other e:s are stickers from stash. Pearls from our local shop Pysselakuten.

Well - need to make myself 10 years younger - so off to the shower and the some magic make-up on.

Have a great Saturday everyone!


Rach said...

wow! anki these are three gorgeous gifts, i am sure that your friends daughters are going to just love them..they look so beautiful. well done. hope that you have a wonderful dinner..Hugs RAchxx

Jeanette said...

Wow Anki! These are gorgeous! What a fantastic idea! Those girls are going to be thrilled!
Hugs Jeanette

Anonymous said...

Hai Anki :)

These are just too cute, really inspiring.. makes me want to make some right now!!

Can't wait for the hanglar email.. how many more sleeps????! lol

*Mwah* kisses, Marlene x

rebecka/bleckvard said...

dom var ju superfina!! underbara! :D

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