Sunday, August 10, 2008

Water bottle holder and Post-it-notes cover

The days by the beach seems to be over. It's pooring down here at the moment and have been so for many days. The grass is growing, so I guess it looks like we are not here at all :-)
Well - inspired by the talented Angie I tried to make some water bottle holders and post-it-notes covers. She has many great tutorials and I think it is fun to get a lot of new inspiration and not only for card-making.

I guess the water bottle holders could be used for example at big parties putting a name-tag on each of them. I put a "Merci-chocolate" in mine. (I am just showing one of the one's that I made).

The covers for the post-it-notes holder are light-weight coasters that I bought from Angie.

Hope you'll like them. Looking fwd to your comments.

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