Friday, December 19, 2008

Award - Thank you Tara

I got this lovely award from Tara. Have you seen her cards - they are gorgeous!
Thank you so much Tara.
Well - I am busy with my last-minute X-mas cards and also to make something for my lovely Mom who turns 65 tomorrow. She is great! Would not know what we would have done without her. Can only hope that me and my sisters will have some of her in us.
As for the award - I should give it to 5 others and link to the one that I received it from (lovely Tara). Then you need to write down five things that you are addicted to - so here it goes:

1. stamps, cute papers and cardmaking of course (did not realize that I was an addict until this year...hihi....)
2. Singing with our son Isac (we are taping him now - he sounds sooo cute when he sings) and of course to stamp, draw and play hockey or football with him.
3. Dark chocolate - mmm.......I got the taste for it while I was living in the Chocolate country no 1 for 2.5 years - Switzerland! Sprüngli Champagne Truffles are to die for......
4. Switzerland - my second country close to my heart after Sweden. Just love it and all my nice friends there.
5. Visit my sweet friends all over the world. We do not see each other that often due to the distance, but when we do - it feels like yesterday - when we had tons of fun in Zürich.
PS. And of course I am addicted to my cute hubby! :-)

Anyway - I would like to pass on this award to the following sweet ladies for always leaving such nice comments and being a true inspiration to me:

1. Judy
2. Rach
3. Marlene
4. Heidi
5. Elizabeth

Well - now I better finish the box for my Mom.

Kram - Anki


Judy's Crafty Moments said...

Anki you are a darling!! Thank you so much!! I hope you have a wonderful day with your Mum! I will post up on my blog tomorrow and I will enjoy thinking of the things I am addicted to..I'm sure my hubby will hae a few to add to the list!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Judy xxx

StampingontheLakefront said...

Thank you so much!! I don't leave til Wednesday!

Susana M said...

Hej Anki,

I got a kick out of your addictions esp. you singing with your cutie Isac :o)
Hope All is great in your part of the world and wishing your mom a great birthday!
Susana M