Sunday, February 12, 2012

Afternoon fun

Happy Sunday ladies!

This morning we have had soccer practise for Isac and that's a lot of fun. (I have now also agreed to become the trainer for his team. We'll see how I will do ;-)

Then Isac had a friend over. Hubby went to my parents for a minor repair on one of our vehicles - so I actually got a few hours free.

My afternoon fun resulted in a little image for my newborn niece Agnes. I did a quick sketch and then I coloured this baby girl with my copic sketch.

Also - Happy b'day also to my sister Louise (Agnes mother) who's celebrating her birthday today!

Hope you like her.
Kramis - Anki


Lorraine said...

Oh Anki, I love your drawing! She looks like a real sweetie - and she has the exact same pose as you do in your profile!

lenislenis said...

Japp, we like her ;)
Kommande stämpel? Du är SÅ duktig! Ses väl om ett par veckor misstänker jag? Det ska bli kul, som vanligt!

Iris said...

Wow it's gorgeous Anki! You are so talented my friend!