Friday, February 13, 2009

Meet Anki's Sweethearts

Ladies - here they are - please meet "Anki's Sweethearts". You have already seen the painting in my prevoius posting "Felicia and Crabby". Here are the rest of the Anki Sweetheart's collection. Please do let me know what you think of them.

Kramisar and thank you for sharing this wonderful time with me.
Isac with skateboard
- the inspiration is of course our sweet and lovely son Isac. He keeps on telling us a story that he's been to the UK and when we ask what he is doing there -the answer is: I skateboard Mom! ;-)) Not bad for a 2.5 year old - to fly all the way to UK without his parents - just to skateboard...hihi....
Cathrine the Vet
well of course my youngest sister Cathrine - she is studying in Copenhagen to become a Vet - inspired me to this one. So thank you Sis! Cathrine loves animals - as you might understand - and that's why I decided to make:
Cathrine with butterfly
and a younger version of her called:

Young Cathrine with friends
Young Julia with purse -
you have seen this one before - if you remember the posting that I made when my little niece was born (Nov last year). I made a painting for her and her name is Julia. So it's so fun to also now be able to see other people creating cards with this little girl...
Julia also inspired me to make an "older" version of her -this is what I think she will look like within a couple of years...hihi.... So meet

Julia with flowers

I have also always loved the names Emilia and Alicia. Here they are:
Emilia with heart

Alicia the fairy

And finally - remember the box that I created for X-mas - Alicia with her friend Felix the mouse? Well - for now - here's a smaller version of Alicia - (you never know when Felix will be around...hihi....)
AliciaAll in all there are 10 stamps that are available today at Susana's.

Kramisar - Anki


Danni said...

I'm still just so excited for you!!They are all amazing!!

Rach said...

Fantastic Anki, they are all fabulous, my fav i would say is ooo decisions decisions... is julia with flowers. But i am sure that i will change my mind
so pleased for you sweetie.. all the best on your new adventure... little Isac is so

Rosette said...

Hi Anki dear... You don't have to be nervous.. I'm sure they'll b doing good ;)P
They are cute, and versatile in many ways... so... !! I think I love that Isac design, as I found it quite sweet that you made a stamp with your son in mind! :)
Goodl uck sweetie!! Tonight I will post in my blog as well to make some publicity ;)
I have to go now!!
Kram... and keep that big smile :)

Kathy said...

Oh Anki I am so happy for you!!! They are so pretty! I will have to get the vet one for sure ~ that is my 6 year-old daughters dream!! These are just beautiful!! Congrats again Anki!!!

Judy's Crafty Moments said...

Oha favourite out of these beauties.. I have to go for Isaac with I biased with 3 boys!! the I will go for Julia with flowers! Will spread the word on my blog! :)

Judy x

Lim said...

Dear Anki,

I think your new line of stamps are great. I already ordered 5 of them. My favorite so far are Issac of course, he's like the real Issac cute and adorable and also Emilia with heart.. i can't wait to received my new stamps and play with them :))
Good luck sweetie in this new chapter of your life.


LIM :)

Donalda said...

Way to go Anki. So happy for you and such beautiful images dear. Big Congrats

Lynn said...

Congratulations Anki!!! Your stamps are adorable, you did a wonderful job on them!

Aija said...

Wow, so great news you had! It must have been very heard to keep this as an secret :)
Very nice images you have created!
Well done my friend, I am proud of you!
Big hugs,

Tammi said...

They are all adorable Anki!! I love that you named your boy one after your son, that's really sweet and I love the story behind well as the other stamps. I think my favs are the Isac w/skateboard, Julia w/flowers and Cathrine w/butterfly. I'm so happy for you! Tammi x

L.Nielsen (Lynda) said...

WOW Anki... Congratulations on your new stamps! They are just adorable. I can't even decide what one I like the best, I will have to "Study" them more. I'm sure I will be buying some! =)
Lynda =)

Susan said...

I'm so proud and excited to be part of this venture for you! I love working with your stamps and can't wait for the next collection to come out!

Hugs and love to you, my friend,


Bev said...

Anki they are fantastic!! Wow which ones to choose!! I just love Cathrine the Vet (I wonder why lol)

Congrats again honey

hugs Bev x

petra/paradise said...

WOW!! Stort grattis till din stämpelkollektion!!! Supersöta stämpelmotiv!! =D
VIlken talang du har!!
Stor kram till dej å trevlig helg!

Maria Matter said...

How wonderful, these stamps are so lovely!!! This must be soooo exciting for you! Congratulations!
I'll put Cathrine with butterfly on my list first, it's so spring like and I'm so ready for spring!!!
Blessings, Maria

leenda said...

Congratulations Anki! Your designs are priceless!!

Evelina Wikberg said...

Anki! De ar ju underbara!!!! Grattis, du har gjort ett fantastiskt jobb! Hoppas att de saljer ut pa en gang! Puss och kram och grattis igen! Evelina x

Shazza said...

Congratulations, I read the news on rach's blog. Your images are lovely, am off to the shop for a look

cats whiskers said...

Oh Anki these are just beautiful, well done I am so pleased for you. I love the little boys as I have so many Grandsons and do struggle to find nice images for them. I will certainly be getting some of these little beauties
Hugs jacquix

elin said...

Grattis med stempelkolleksjonen!! Kjempesøte stempler.
Ønsker deg ei god helg.

TaraG said...

Oh Anki!!!! I am soooooo thrilled for you! CONGRATS, hun!!! How did you ever manage to keep this exciting new under wraps! Well, I am absolutely over the moon happy for you, hun! Your images are soooooooooooooooooooo FABULOUS! OMG!!! They are adorable! I have seen some of the fab DT cards made with YOUR images Anki...gorgeous!!!
Happy Valentine's Day, friend!!!
Big Big hugs,t

Anonymous said...

Wow Anki!
Great work. My favourite is Julia w flowers. When will 'Elena the Volvoworker' be released? XOXO Anna (sister in law)

Iris said...

Anki, you already know I adore your images! You did such and outstanding job with drawing these super cute images! I can't wait till I get mine so I can play with them! I think for right now my favorite is Felicia with Crabby!

Big hugs,

StampingontheLakefront said...

These are amazing Anki!!

Kristine said...

Hei Anki!
Wow så søte disse stemplene er! Grattis så masse! Det må være en drøm som går i oppfyllelse å få sitt eget stempeldesign!
Masse klemmer fra Kristine

Renata van Miltenburg said...

They are lovely Anki! As promised I give you my favorites. I can't choose between "Young Julia with purse" and "Cathrina the vet" and I love the one you coloured too (with the little birds).

With love from Holland.


Ingela said...

Hej Anki!

Grattis i massor till dig, dom är ju hur söta och fina som helst!!!

Har inte hunnit skriva till dig innan då dom senaste dagarna har bara varit en dimma då barnen fått den hemska *****sjukan och har varit superdåliga, nu går jag och väntar på att få det själv :-(

Lycka till med dina stämplar och ta hand om dig!

Kram Ingela