Sunday, November 9, 2008

Father's Day

Hope that you've had a great weekend everyone. Today we are celebrating Father's Day in Sweden, so of course I had to make a box for my Dad at the Vänerscrap yesterday. See the pic above.
I made one in two different blue colours - using my cardstock from SU. DP from SU and of course some stickles ;-). Then I coloured the lovely and fun image that Tammi was so kind to send to me together with her lovely card - see below.
We added a travel and car lottery ticket in the box and he actually won - nothing big - just a new lottery ticket - so we hope his luck continues. Of course we also gave him a nice new outfit - a shirt and a slipover (we = me and my 3 sisters with families).
I will post some of my other creations from the Vänerscrap later. It was as always very well organized by Liza and her family. So fun to be able just to focus on making new cards - chatting with all other creative ladies and to get inspired by others.
Kramisar - Anki

Tammi's card that I know have - just wonderful!!!Thank you soo much Tammi!


Christine said...

Hej Anki!
Vilken fin låda!
Kram Christine

Rosette said...

Lovely Anki :) Glad that you had a good time :)

TaraG said...

Anki, Your card is very cute! Great colours and I love that image so cute!!! I am sure your father loved it and all the other goodies that you got for him!!!!
Kram, TaraG

Tammi said...

Your welcome! Your card is so cute, love how you colored it and the sparkle.

Sounds like a lovely day Anki!
Hugs, Tammi

Rach said...

you have made yet another gorgeous card Anki, well done. hugs Rachxx

Kathy said...

Wow this is stunning!! I LOVE this paper and your image is so cute!! You have the best stamps!! Fabulous coloring as usual and love your layout!! :)Kathy

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