Thursday, July 9, 2009

Are you looking for pieces and a chance to win?

Well - that's puzzle pieces of course - for those of you that are following our Belles 'n Whistles Puzzle Game? Have you been searching for puzzle piece no 5??
Glad that I decided to stay up late tonight - since I get the honor to display piece no 5 ;-)

Can you guess what wonderful image that's hidden behind all the pieces? If you have not found all 5 of them - well then pop over to our Belles 'n Whistles Store Blog to see all the pieces that has been revealed so far.

Do you want a chance to win this stamp? Just leave a comment here signifying that you have found the piece! Isn't that easy? However - if you've already have left your mark on one of the other DT blogs (for piece no 1-4 - including Elisabeth's blog) - then you don't need to.
There is one entry per person only to enter the drawing.
Check out all the details on how to win this cutie on our Belles 'n Whistles Store Blog
Also - it's always a pleasure to browse through Elisabeth's SASS Gallery - she is sooo talented and makes the most adorable images. So pop over and see if you can find some clues for this cutie there ;-)
Stay tuned for more updates on the exciting release of the new Belles 'n Whistles stamp line.
There will be more puzzle pieces out there - so make sure that you visit the DT blogs and the store blog frequently.
Have fun!
Kram - Anki


L.Nielsen (Lynda) said...

Hi Anki, I know I already have left comments, but WOW, I found it, and now I KNOW that my guess is right! LOL Isn't this so fun and exciting?
I'm loving the puzzle pieces while blog hopping! =)

Rosette said...

What fun!! I'm dying to have her in my hand!! :)

Grace said...

Just confirms my guess... I know what it is and it's a great one!

Kim Y. said...

yay! Found another piece!

Aud said...

Hi my friend! How fun, now I found this piece on your blog - and I can be the very lucky winner of this beautiful stamp! =0)

Hope you and your family are having a great summer!


Milianna said...

yeah i found a piece.... it's really cool

Alex said...

YEAH! You got to do a puzzle piece! I am so excited! Love your blog and any excuse to visit is fabulous. I would LOVE to be entered in the drawing please.

Cheryl Walker said...

Thank you for the reveal of this piece:)

Cant wait to see the image, I know she is going to be SWEET!!!


Jan McConnell said...

Hi, I made my guess a day or two ago on Elisabeth and Belles N Whistles blogs. Fingers crossed.