Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Hope you all are having a great Wednesday. It's actually warm over here - not sure what's happening with the Fall season, but maybe we are getting Summer back *lol*. Well - I will not complain -the longer we can keep our Summer jackets on - the better ;-)

Just wanted to show you this card with the cute little Sisters. Aren't they sweet? I am actually the oldest one out of 4 sisters. Yes - My Dad is very well trained after having to be the only guy in a house full of 5 women (4 daughters and my Mom) ;-) However - he always say that it's been great - because his sons-in-law tend to be more eager to help - a son would maybe not have hesitated to say no...hihi..... Well - it's actually the other way around - my Dad is a big help to all of our families - since he is def. our handy-man! So from your daughters - We LOVE you dad!

Coloured them with my copics and again - actually used purple, I moving from a red/pink girl into other colours...... ;-) Well - needed a little bit of pink of course.
DPs from Basic Grey.
Hope you continue to keep yourself updated on our BnW blog. If so - then you know that Summer soon has a new release coming of these cuties. So make sure that you are updated and pop over to the blog and read more about it + get inspired by the the DT girls.
Kram - Anki


Rach said...

A beautiful card Anki, the image is so sweet, it is lovely to read about your dad... wow five girls... poor
hugs Rachxx

Susan said...

They're just too adorable! I love the soft colors in them and the design is great! I only have one sister but I love her dearly! Wish we would be this angelic. Back when we were this age, I'd be pinching her and she'd be pushing me down! Oh, to be young again! Just adore them!

Big hugs to you,


Tammi said...

I think this image is so sweet, and pretty in purple and pink! I have no sisters, but one brother...I always thought it would be great to have a big family! :) ~Hugs

Riet said...

What a beautiful card Anki,i love the image and colours.
So gorgeous papers.

Hugs Riet.x

L.Nielsen (Lynda) said...

beautiful Anki, as your cards always are!!! =)
Guess what, my poor father and your poor father were in the same boat. My father also had to live in a house with 5 girls... Oh that poor poor man! LOL BUT... I am not the oldest, but the Youngest of 4 girls!
How funny is that? LOL

Lynda =)

Aud said...

Herlig kort!♥♥♥


Therese said...

Absolutely lovely! :)
I love the motif!
(As mother of two little girls, and stepmother of two more girls, we also have a full house of girls:)

Therese, Norway

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