Monday, September 19, 2011

Wedding project

Hej ladies!

How are you? I was totally fine until yesterday evening. Now I have fever and a sore throat.....iack..... So this is going to be a very short post from me and then back to bed again.

Just wanted to show you a little wedding card+box that I made for some friends to my sister Louise.
They were going to give the couple a voucher at a travel agency and felt that they needed something "extra" and not just a plain card to go with it.

I decided to ink and colour up the Wedding dance couple from Kenny K. Thought they were perfect for a young couple getting married.

This is the front of the card/box:
This is how it looks like when you open the card. To the left the names of the friends + a song by the group Kent "Utan dina andetag".
Open the "lid" (with the name of the couple) and you have the box
where you can place your gift voucher:
From the side:
It was a lot of fun to force myself to think "outside the box" :-)
Hope you like it.

Kramis and now off to bed again....


Riet said...

So gorgeous Anki.

Hugs Riet.xx

Lorraine said...

Anki, what a gorgeous project! And I love your colored image!

lenislenis said...

Jättesnyggt Anki!