Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bling it!!!


It's time for another TIOT before we go on a small X-mas break. This time Suzanne wants us to "bling it". Well - I wanted to try something new - so I decided to colour 2 Turtle Doves with my copics and create a gift tag of this cute image. Then I added 3d gloss around on the heart and sprinkled tons of glitter (yes - I'm covered in it as well :-). Let it dry for a little bit and then I added the 3d gloss all over the girl. Waited again and then a third layer of 3d gloss.

I then put the image in my freezer for a couple of hours. When it was cold enough - I folded the heart in different ways to create cracks. I wanted this to look like a heart of glass with a few cracks ;-)

Well - the whole tag is now shining, but of course I needed to add stickles and smooch on the leaves - because otherwise they looked so dull compared to the rest of the image..hihi...

Now - the only problem with this - is to get a nice picture of it without having the flash reflection in the image. Well - that was not so easy. Anyway - I took two pictures - one with flash and the other one without. I do hope you can see the bling :-)

Hope you like it and I do hope that my niece - who will receive this gift tag on one of her X-mas gifts - will like it as well.

Also - make sure that you receive what you want from Santa and place your order this week. Susana is going to take a well deserved small holiday break between Dec 23rd - Jan 1st. So just to make sure that you get what you want - pop over and place your order now!

Kram and I hope to hear from you - even if I know that you all are superbusy with the last minute preparations for the holidays.



Linda Horn said...

WOW!!!!! Jag har inga andra ord...... än WOW WOW WOW!!!! Den är .... alldeles, alldeles..... UNDERBAR!!

Riet said...

Wowww Anki,what beautiful.

Hugs Riet.xx

mette wad said...

WOW hvor er den bare flot og vildt hyggelig julede

My name is Wynneth said...

Beautiful tag Anki - hope you have a wonderful Christmas :o)


Catherine said...

Oh yes, I see the bling! This is gorgeous, Anki! I love the look with all the glaze and glitter - they add such great dimension! Your coloring is just beautiful! TFS!

Danni said...

Very nice!!

Dianne said...

Anki, this is gorgeous. I know it took alot of work and time. Coloring is perfect.

Suzanne J Dean said...

This is fabulous Anki--I love all the glitter and the cracked effect is gorgeous!


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