Sunday, February 21, 2010

Card for Daan

Happy Sunday ladies!

Here's todays report from Sweden. We are def. snowed in. It was been a total chaos in Sweden yesterday and not all roads are cleared yet. There's 1meter of snow on our long driveway - so there's no chance that I will be able to get out.

I will have to wait and hope that my Dad can come with his tractor tomorrow and help us. He was on his way today - but they had not cleared the road that takes him to us - so he has to wait....

Well - that's the snowreport for today. Now over to the card - if you remember - my blog friend Renata was asking her blogfriends to create a card for little Daan. Daan is 4 years old and has a brain tumor - which is sadly incurable. This is what Isac and I came up with - using the image "Isac the soccerplayer".
Isac wanted Daan to be in the Dutch soccerteam - so therefore he got the Dutch colours on his outfit. I hope he will like it.

My thoughts and prayers are going to Daan and his family.



mette wad said...

Super fedt drenge kort...
Ja her i danmark er vi også sneet inde, det har sneet hele weekenden, men har ingen idé om hvor meget sne der er kommet.. men MEGET :-)

Riet said...

What a gorgeous card Anki.

Hugs Riet.xx

Serena said...

Super cute card Anki!!!! I'm sure Daan will like it:o)