Monday, February 1, 2010

Card for little Daan!

My dear blogfriend Renata asked me if I could help her to get the word out for a young little guy - Daan. Daan is 4 years old and has a brain tumor - which is sadly incurable.

Read more below from Renata and I hope you will join us and support this little boy in his struggle.

From Renata:

"Dear blogfriends, I know you all love to make cards so what's better than to do something you realy enjoy and at the same time make a little boy happy in the most difficult time of his young life?

Daan, the son of my sisters friend, is 4 years old and has a brain tumor which is sadly enough incurable. More and more body functions fail such as his legs can't carry him anymore. At the moment he gets radiation because his parents and the doctors will make his life as easy as possible and of course no one will loose hope!

I think it is heartbreaking and I'm so sad that I can't do anything to help him! That's why I aks you girls to make him a funny card so he has something good to look forward to and I think it will help his parents and two little sisters (Sacha (6) and Anna (2)) as well.

I also want to ask you to keep him in you prayers or send a little positive energy and thoughts to him, because you never know! Do you want to join in this small gesture, please send an e-mail to so I can send you the address you can send the card to. I like to thank you from the bottom of my heart! Love, Renata"

I know what I will be doing first thing tomorrow after work - a fun boyish card for Daan. I'm sure Isac will help me too - he love making cards and being the same age as Daan - then he def. know what a 4 year old boy will like. I hope you will join us for this good cause!

My thoughts and prayers to Daan and his family.


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Renata van Miltenburg said...

Thank you so much Anki, to help me spread the word...your the best!

Liefs, Renata