Saturday, May 16, 2009

I just made 10 000 visitors!

So of course this is something to celebrate.
We've had a wonderful day outdoors today. We visited a farmer colleague - close to where we live. They have an "open house" today and tomorrow.

Isac just loved it. He got to sit in several tractors - pretending that they were his of course. Well - that smile tells it all - right?? :-)
He got to see cows, pigs, hens, rabbits, goats.......well the list can go on.
The rest of the day we spent out in our own garden and finished it with a BBQ.
So here are also some pics from the flowers we have in our garden at the moment - and the first one is of course from one of our apple trees.

Isac went to "dreamland" rather quick after this day and we are getting ready for the Eurovision Song Contest.
So - have a great Saturday and I will be back tomorrow with some candy to celebrate the
10 000 mark!
Kram - Anki


mar1ene said...

oh Wow, that looks wonderful! Isac seems beaming with joy!! he's such a cutie!!
Finally got around to packing up his little pressie that I promised back in April.. so that should be coming his way real soon :)

Hugs, Marlene x

Crafty Al said...

The flower pics are gorgeous and so is the pic of your son Isac sat in his tractor,such a cutie!!!
Im ready to watch the Eurovision not much hope for GB though i don't like the song.

Nicola said...

Wow congratlations on all those hits Anki, thank you for sharing such beautiful photographs.

Milo said...

Vad roligt att se dig titta in hos mig! =)
Jag vann ju ett par av dina stämplar på maran! =) Roligt! *tack och bock*

Aha, så du är med och håller i Roses... =) Världen är bra liten!

Kram Milo

Rosette said...

Congrats Anki... double congrats actually!!!! For the 10k visits and for the Eurovision win!! i LOVED that song from the beginning, and it was my favourite. I also mentioned it in my last post! :)

Nilla said...

Beautiful pictures! Congrats to 10 000 mark! Wow, great! Have a nice Sunday (waiting for your next blog post) Hugs Nilla

Justine said...

These are absolutely spectacular. You have done a great job photographing them. TFS
Love getting to meet the Family

Judy's Crafty Moments said...

Congrats on all your hits!!! Well done !!
I love all your phtots and isaac looks like he was having a wonderful day! I can imagine my 3 all enjoying the farm in just the same way! :)
Have a lovely day!
Judy xx

StampingontheLakefront said...

Congratulations!!! btw date was a dud lol - I was thankful when he slipped his water across the table at the end of eth evening so I had an excuse to leave bc of wet pants lol

Tammi said...

What a cutie, looks like he's having a great time! The flowers are beautiful Anki, you got some lovely pictures there! Congrats on all the hits! ~Hugs

Serena said...

Wonderful pics....Could you teach me?!??